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Lucio Boliver
Costume Designer

Lucio Boliver began his career wearing other designers' costumes as a dancer in the entertainment industry. But a shift in his career path has turned that around, and now the Mexico City native is an internationally accomplished costume designer.

Boliver credits his designs to his parents. His late father, Angel Boliver, a Mexican artist, inspired the strong movement, high energy, and use of color in the designs. The elegance and special details are inspired by Boliver's mother, Pilar, from Spain.

Boliver's design credits include "Funderful" - Merv Griffin Resorts in Atlantic City; "La Cumba" - Harrah's Lake Tahoe; "Masquerade" - Atami, Japan; "Imagine" - Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas; "Night Beat" - Reno Hilton; and "Passion 2000" - Harvey's Hotel in Lake Tahoe. Boliver has also worked for Ska Entertainment in Germany, Celebrity Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line.

Boliver created the original costumes for "Carnival of Wonders" during its two-year run at the Flamingo Reno where it was named "Best Show in Reno", and now returns to the Carnival at the Reno Hilton.












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